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Signs of Spring

April 29, 2013 by Hailey Goplen

How fitting that I have not posted since I last discussed my irritation with the never ending winter and Midwest mental hibernation. If you haven’t read it (shame on you), I discussed how people in our area cope with the awful weather by going into a state of mental hibernation that unfortunately, by mid March, I had grumpily awakened from and could no longer keep a positive attitude. Clearly my irritation affected me more than I had imagined because I have had nothing to write about other than never ending winter. Because that seemed like purely a means for me to whine and vent and probably not very entertaining to anyone but myself, I stopped blogging for a month. But alas, a magical thing happened the other day: Spring came to the Red River Valley! Okay, let me rephrase that: temperatures FINALLY rose above 50 degrees. (As a side fun fact, this year apparently set the record for the longest span of days below 50 degrees in Fargo since 1881).

Even though there are no leaves on the trees, no flowers blossoming, and my allergies have yet to knock me on my fanny, Spring is here! Here are just a few signs in case you were questioning:

  1. You see bare legs and toes everywhere: Even though it may not feel like shorts and flip-flop weather, don’t be deceived. Midwesterners know the truth. Sure your legs may freeze and your toes may get frost bite, but the sun is out and the thermostat reads 50 degrees. When you think how only a few weeks ago we were in the negatives, this is a heat wave! If suddenly there is a dip back down in temperature, oh well. Parkas and sweaters were stored away at the first sign of Spring.
  2. The sidewalks are suddenly overrun with activity: While Midwesterners do emerge throughout the winter to walk dogs, most sidewalk activity throughout the winter is reserved for shoveling and snow blowers. However, when the temperatures get to an acceptable Spring temperature, the sidewalks are suddenly over run by roller blades, bicycles, dogs of every shape and size, runners, and leisurely strollers (whom are sometimes even pushing a baby stroller).
  3. Sandbagging begins: Well, I don’t think this needs much explanation other than while Spring weather is lovely, flooding… not so much. Unfortunately, it has become so common that you may have a conversation similar to the one I just had with Blake when discussing where we would go to lunch today. Hailey: I brought a sandwich. We can just go sit somewhere and eat. Blake: Want to go to the park? (referring to one in Moorhead near Concordia). Hailey: No, it’s flooded. Hmm, want to go sit on top of the parking garage at the Moorhead mall and look at the flood? Blake: Yep, sounds good.
  4. Your morning commute gets longer: This could be for various reasons. Perhaps your normal route is now blocked by a clay dike to protect Fargo from the previously mentioned flooding. Or perhaps you are rerouted due to the never ending road construction that begins at the first signs of Spring (and when there is no more flooding). After all, when you have 8 months of winter, your window of opportunity for fixing enormous potholes (that were caused by the 8 months of winter) is relatively small.
  5. You find any excuse to step outside: A meeting originally scheduled in your building? Why not have it in another office… that you have to walk outside to get to. Forgot something in your car? Better go get it. Brought your lunch to work? That’s okay. Eat it at your desk and then go run those “pressing” errands… that require you to go outside.
  6. Windows are open: Whether in your house or in your car, the windows go down. Who cares if you have to put on an extra layer indoors or wear your mittens while driving. Spring is here and it is time to soak up all the fresh air you can after being cooped up inside for the past 8 months!

So though these are just a few signs that I have noticed, it is obvious Spring is here! So put on your crop pants, roll down your windows, and enjoy your longer and slightly chilly commute to work!

Have any other “signs” of Spring? Post a comment and share it with me!



  1. Deb says:

    Hate to be the naysayer here but posting on your blog every two months does not make a successful or entertaining blog. Try journaling in an old diary but if you want to engage people, you must make a blog entry more often. Look forward to that! Good luck.

  2. Dan says:

    Hailey, where are you? some of us look forward to your blog.

  3. Thanks in support of sharing such a nice thinking, article is nice, thats why i have read it completely

  4. Laura says:

    I enjoy reading your entries…. .any more? 😉

  5. SCOTTR3782@GMAIL.COM says:

    Just saw you picture in the Forum. Congratulations on your graduation, you look very happy!

  6. Jordan says:

    Quite possibly the most important: motorcycles are out.

  7. Jane says:

    Happy Faces!SADD season is over

  8. Brian says:

    The top came down on the Mustang convertible. We had to have the heat on, but it was a great day for a drive.

  9. Evan Hazard says:

    Friday there was a jumping spider outside on my front door frame, and a small brown beetle scurried across the front walk. This morning in the wee hours there was thunder, and now there are earthworms on the front walk. 95% of the snow cover is gone, and chipping sparrows are back.

  10. jeanne says:

    The snow is nearly gone and the garlic and winter onions have come up in the garden. The rhubarb is showing signs of growth. Yup, must be spring

  11. Dave from Minnesota says:

    I live in a townhouse in the Twin Cities area. I was outside grilling in late afternoon Saturday. I have never seen almost everyone of my neighbors outside at the same time before. Several were taking their dogs on longer walks. Others were also grilling out. Some were just sitting on their patios for the first time this year. One has her garage door open and was sweeping the garage out. There were smaller children out playing. It was like a spontaneous block party.
    This year was different. We did have the extened winter, but also then it was instant spring. Thursday was not so nice. Friday and Saturday it was warm, sunny and dry.

  12. kathy says:

    Glad to hear the melt has begun. Happy Spring!

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