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Pride of Dakota

November 17, 2012 by Hailey Goplen

What do I love more than North Dakota in general? Supporting local business owners in North Dakota. This morning a friend and I made a trip over to the Fargo Civic Center to partake in what we thought would be a small craft show featuring all North Dakota made products. You may have seen some of these products floating around in stores before. They all have a label that says “Pride of Dakota” on them (see giant image on the right). When we arrived, we were shocked. This was anything but a small craft show. Hundreds… or maybe thousands… of people had the same idea for their Saturday morning as we did.

We were there for a little over two hours, wandering through rows of vendors, admiring their crafts and jewelry, sampling food (I think I ate my weight in samples… especially every type of dip, mustard, and wine), and much much more. And while it was crowded, everyone kept their Midwestern charm and did not shove or push to get at their sample of cheese soup or bison sausage (ok, I really enjoyed the samples). As I began filling my reusable tote with goodies, I was surrounded by smells of potpourri, candles, and lefse, with the occasional, “Oh, for cute!” ringing in my ear.

As I munch on one of my purchases (Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels… yum!), I can’t help but reflect on how enjoyable my morning venture actually was and how wonderful it is that an entire state has come together to support local businesses. From what I gather, the Pride of Dakota organization is even sponsored by the North Dakota State government. You can learn more about the organization here: Pride of Dakota.

Though I had every intention of coming away from the event with my Christmas shopping done, I unfortunately spent more money filling my own belly than filling the stockings of any member of my family. Whoops. Maybe I’ll just have to go back tomorrow.

For more information about the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase in Fargo and throughout the state, click here.


  1. Dale says:


    3 lbs. pretzels (approx)
    1 bottle Orville Redinbacher buttery oil
    1 packet hidden valley ranch powder mix
    1 TBLS. dill weed
    1 TBLS. garlic powder

    Mix all together in large container and enjoy. It is similar and just as good.

  2. Kathy says:

    Looking forward to sampling some of your purchases during our visit. You ARE going to share. . .right???

  3. Andrea says:

    This is one of my favorite events all year! I love those samples! I bought Deb’s chips, those awesome pie candles and hubby bought some wine, oh and of course i had to support my Sioux hockey obsession by getting one of the metal signs :)

  4. Jen says:

    I bought a bag of Dot’s pretzels and we’ve been munching on them all afternoon. So addicting!

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