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It’s Grilling Season!

March 28, 2011 by Hailey Goplen

It was a beautiful, sunny, blue-skyed, 20 degree weekend in Fargo. It’s such a tease when you wake up in the morning and see light streaming through your bedroom window. You jump out of bed, pull on you slippers, and creep out on to the deck expecting the temperature outside to match the sunshine. You just know that today… today is the day that you’ve been waiting for. Spring. Spring has come to the Red River Valley!


Unfortunately for me, when I stepped outside this weekend, though I was showered with sunshine, I was not showered with warmth. It was a balmy 20 degrees. Though these beautiful North Dakota days do make winter tolerable (its better to have sunshine then grey skies at all times), it does make me get more an more antsy for warm weather. After the freak March snow storm last week, this was my last straw. This weekend marked the beginning of Spring for me, warm weather or not. With that in mind, Blake and I took a trip to the store and purchased our first grill.How could we become true Midwesterners without a hunk of meat roasting over a hot flame? Did we need the grill that can cook 22 burgers at one time while sauteeing onions on the side burner? Of course not, but when in Rome…

Then it was time to pick out what we would grill. I suggested portabello mushrooms to which Blake took a sharp turn into the local butcher shop. This was also something new to me. A local butcher shop. I can’t claim that I am a huge meat eater. When my mom would cook, the meat was either chicken or ground beef, and I was a picky eater. For most of my child-hood my Subway sandwiches consisted of cheese, mustard and pickles with a sprinkling of lettuce. Last year, I lived with a vegetarian and I ate a lot of tofu for a year. ┬áSince I’ve moved to North Dakota, I can honestly say I’ve consumed more meat in the past 6 months then I have done in the past 6 years. In other words, at a butcher shop, I was a little out of my element, but Blake, he was in a heaven. I almost heard the choir of angels as he walked through the shop doors.

We opted for 2 hearty sirloin steaks, some fancy steak seasoning (that was selected purely based on an appealing label), and a few bacon cheddar burgers. Blake took on the roll of testing out our new grill while I anxiously awaited what was to come. As soon as I had my first bite of the delicious steak, the sleeping carnivore in me reared its head. I was hooked. The last bits of steak were barely shoveled into our mouths before we began planning our next meal.

Though we were grilling with parkas on, Spring was officially here.

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